Welcome to project Simorgh,


Simorgh is the fabulous bird of ancient Iran. She is the bird of knowledge, healing and the harbinger of portentous news. Much like the Phoenix, fire regenerates her. May this project trigger renewal for those who have been battered and bruised.


I don't remember when I came to photography. It does not matter: only does the way we look at reality. Afghanistan taught me the physical dimension of that truth. I came out of that land with a renewed view and relationship to Nature and people.

Man is a political Animal: Mankind does not stand out of Nature, we live within it. Natural energies feed men and women. May the pictures on project Simorgh act as a link with Nature for those who live disconnected from it.


As humankind stands on the doorstep of virtual unreality, I chose to find Beauty in what elevates body and soul. The quest for physical Beauty proves to be a path to rebirth and growth.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: as the beholder tends to increasingly look on reality through a phone, a connected device, through an artificial medium, the gap between perception and reality grows.

As the Simorgh once brought the Persian hero Zal back into the world, may these pictures be an invitation to (re)connect with the physical world.


Through photography I aim to brighten up reality - yours and mine - without any artifice. None of my pictures are redone or altered by software. All the outdoors shots are made with real light. I ony used additional lighting for indoors shots when Beauty could not be easily discerned.


Three main themes have been guiding my work over 10 years:

- contrasts and plays with light

- elevations, whether natural or man-made

- Nature, from I which I draw renewed strength, a sense of exhilaration and communion, and finally, energy.


I happily take commissions, especially if those would help achieve personal fullfilment and elation.


I wish you a nice strolling on project Simorgh and may you come out of it with a smile and light in your eyes.



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