Elevation-elevations June-July 2019

Monday, June 10, 2019

My second exhibit is currently on display at MyCowork, 54 rue Greneta, Paris, France throughout June.

It will then move to a second location, close to Centre Beaubourg: 5 rue du cloître Saint Merri, still in Paris.

Jennifer will kindly host an opening party - a continuing party, rather - on July 4 at 1800.

I shall be happy to meet you there and discuss what these pictures told you.


This exhibition is a follow-up to a first that occurred from February to March 2019. The sole requirement this time is “bright pictures. Spring will have set in and pictures should convey energy”.

I therefore selected that set of pictures with two criteria in mind: brightness and movement. These combine both. Even in darkness can light literally spring, as the sun setting over a Thai jedi – the local name of a stupa – overlooking a lake shows. I chose that picture to open the series for its dynamics: that of the sun that will soon disappear and which yet reveals the slender white spire that rises towards the sky.

Towers are artificial structures that are designed to somehow create a sense of elevation, of majesty, to impress those who behold it. There is an intention to link down-to-earth reality with higher purposes or meaning, whatever that meaning or purpose may be.

I chose to depict these towers not so much as conquering, mastering objects that would awe whoever sees them, but rather as bridges, connecting features that would lead one on the path of inspiration.

May they bring you inspiration and energy during your stay at My Cowork.


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